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You thought wedding planning would be fun. Doesn’t it mostly just involve eating cake and fantasizing about crystals and chandeliers? Instead, you’re wading through hundreds of Pinterest boards on your work breaks. Two words: inspiration overload.

You’re fielding questions and juggling demands from drama-prone aunts who are all: “What’s your theme? Where are you registering? Can I invite Sue from my spin class?” Plus, you and your fiancé are wanting to chug whole bottles of wine while agonizing over seating charts and ceremony readings. You’re turning into a hangry ball of stress, and you’re secretly terrified of being seen as a (whisper): bridezilla. Ok. So maybe the pressure to impress your guests is almost enough to make you trade in your 200-person party for a quiet elopement...

We get it. You’ve never done this before. But we’ve been around the wedding block more times than Elizabeth Taylor, and we’ve been at it for close to 10 years. Let us take care of the stuff you have no time to do, so when you walk into your wedding reception, you’ll be surprised by how beautifully everything came together...and even have time to savour that beef tenderloin you've been dreaming about.

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Toronto Wedding Planning Services

Planning your big day doesn’t have to send you into a spiral of guilt trips in your attempt to please everyone. Whether you’re just looking for a sounding board or want vision-holding from idea to aisle, let us help you make “your day”...your day. We've planned 100+ weddings in Toronto and abroad, from intimate celebrations to huge ballroom black-tie affairs!
Toronto Wedding Planner - Full Planning

Full Wedding Planning & Design

Did you just say “I do” — and then realized your schedule is too demanding to wrap your busy brain around planning a wedding? If you barely have time to put pants on in the morning or you’re hardly ever home, we can brand and execute your wedding from start to “woo hoo, honeymoon!” while you carry on with normal life. Our goal is to help you find, design and hire the right space and the perfect vendors to seamlessly bring your wedding vision to life.

Toronto Wedding Planner - Partial Planning

Partial Wedding Planning

Are you partway through the planning process and stuck on what to do next? Perhaps you’ve found your dream space but aren’t sure how to make it pop. Maybe you’ve waded in and now feel overwhelmed. Whatever the reason, we’re here to take a load off of your shoulders! We’ll work with you to create a plan to get you from where you’re at to where you want to be - sipping champagne and dancing the night away with the love of your life!

Toronto Wedding Planner - Month of Management

Month of Management

Martha Stewart should take a page out of your book.You’ve dreamed and schemed your way this far and you’re so excited to walk down the aisle. Now let us, the Toronto wedding planners, take over this final stretch and execute all your careful planning, down to the last detail.

We’ll do a thorough audit of your planning to date and manage the final details to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch!

Toronto Wedding Planner - Decor & Stationery

Decor & Stationery

Looking for unique rentals or decor accents to tie your theme together with a pretty pow? By creating a cohesive brand for your wedding that flows from stationery, to signage, to table settings, your love story will shine through every personalized detail in a memorable way. Best of all? Whim is a one-stop design shop which means you’ll be able to connect every element of your wedding day without the hiccups that come from divvying details across vendors.

Toronto Wedding Planners

You become a part of our family when you partner with us. We’re like the support of a push-up bra and the fun of a disco ball, all rolled into one powerhouse planning team. We guide you step-by-step through the wedding planning process, so you can get back to your real responsibilities. (Like getting back to Netflix & a bottle of Rosé). Let us plan for those things you didn’t even know you needed (we’re looking at you, timeline). We'll make sure you’re equipped with sanity-saving tools that make you feel well-informed instead of overwhelmed when you’re meeting vendors (so you don’t get burned on your budget or style).
Alisha Chadee
Lead Planner & Designer
Alisha has a project management background in learning and development, plus 5+ years of experience coordinating corporate events and the director of education for WIPA Toronto. She’s developed a proven planning process for couples who want to know how to create magic on their wedding day. (But not throw money off yachts like they’re in a rap music video.) She thinks in floor plans, endorses moving if you find a spider in your house, and has an oyster obsession.
Michelle Brijlal
Event & Stationery Design Diva
Michelle is a professional graphic designer who works with you to brand and personalize your wedding day, from stationery to signage. She’ll help you tell your love story in a cute and cohesive way that people will be awwing over for years. She’s also a pizzatarian who likes to half-ass being fit and after years of being a Toronto wedding planner, dreams of owning a llama farm one day.
Ilina Dasgupta
Lead Planner (WPIC Certified)
Ilina strongly believes that she came up with the motto “Work hard, play hard”. Whether it was working hard at school or her years of working at the Bank, Ilina has excelled in whatever she takes on. In her free time she has professionally danced for the Governor’s General Awards and the YTV show “How to be Indie” and loves to be creative. She’ll work hard to bring your vision to life and to make sure it’s the party everyone talks about for years to come!
Sylwia Kwak
Lead Coordinator
Sylwia is the Energizer Bunny amongst the team of Whimlets! Her experience in customer service from working in the wedding industry, working in retail, to being a corporate trainer definitely shines through when you work with her! When she isn’t coordinating fabulous weddings, you can find her hanging with friends and dancing the night away!

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We’re Toronto wedding planners known for modern events that showcase lush florals, romantic candlelight, pretty paper and personalized charm. And if you aren’t sparkle-shy or against us rocking out to a Whitney Houston song with you at wine o’clock, then we’re probably your match made in heaven.




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